👉🏻Do you hate your selfies?

👉🏻Do you want to look your best 🙌🏻in selfie, just for fun?

👉🏻Does it feel like your selfie looks like crap compared to everybody else’s ?

👉🏻 If you have ever sat staring at HER selfie because you really just wanted to know what it was like to be THAT pretty.

👉🏻Do you want to share your selfies, but hate what’s in your camera roll?

👉🏻Have you ever questioned if they broke up with you because you weren’t pretty enough?

👉🏻Have you written yourself off as NOT PHOTOGENIC?

👉🏻Does the mere thought of taking and posting a selfie online give you sweaty palms and cause you to break out in hives?

👉🏻Have you opted out of the group photo because you feel too awkward in a photo and rushed to the bathroom instead?

It is no surprise that in this age of online connection and virality, you need to show up face first. If you’re like me though, I aren’t fond of being in photos. In fact I made a job out of being behind the lens so I could never be caught in front of one. Hi I’m

I turned my least favorite thing into my passion. As a boudoir photographer I saw every day what a great looking photo can do for a woman. She blossoms. I wanted that too so through a lot of trial and error and many many bathroom mirror pep-talks, I taught myself how to take incredible, beautiful, bold selfies and have never looked back. The confidence I felt in my selfie overflowed into confidence in my everyday life. That confidence led me to finally start the business of my dreams and make money through social media!! I blossomed.

And you know what?

Now it is my mission to help you blossom. I want to see you be bold, confident, and taking up space online and in your corner of the world.



Look, I get it.

“I can’t take good selfies” is a lie I let myself believe for far too long. I wasn’t as pretty, as skinny, as clean, as whatever the f*ck the other girls on social media were. I just wasn’t. And that is the lie I told myself every time I tried to take a selfie and it turned out wrong. I said it everytime I posted an image to my online dating profile (yes I met hubby using – different story for a different time), every time I posted a photo to Facebook I cringed at the thought that someone would tell me I was too ugly to post. Too fat to post.

Too insignificant. That’s really what it felt like. I wasn’t important enough to post it. Because I didn’t look like the other women on Instagram.

What a load of bullsh*t.

When I started taking better selfies, I felt better about myself and I stopped looking around and comparing myself to women on social me­dia. Instead, I began to give myself grace and see who I am and what I truly am worth. Seeing the ways that I am unique and beautiful. I was now a mompreneur who went through a “Selfie Evolu­tion” herself. I started LOVING how I looked in photo after photo after photo. Boy, is it incredible what will happen in your mind when you become happy with what you see.

So if you are ready to change the way your selfies look and how you feel I’ve got the answer right here.

Okay okay okay. My transformation didn’t happen overnight. In fact it took almost 7 years to finally figure it out! NOW, I know EXACTLY what you need to learn to get you from Point A to Point B as quick as possible….. and I am giving YOU ALL MY SECRETS. But, just in case you don’t believe I started exactly where you are….. here is a PEAK at my journey.


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